The 77th Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition has now come to a close. We at the National Environmental Health Association would like to thank everyone who made the trip to Washington, DC and attended virtually.

The AEC is an opportunity for so many people from so many different places—each with their own unique challenges and goals—to share their knowledge, gain new insight into environmental health issues, and return home with a fresh perspective from their newly acquainted colleagues and friends.  Therefore, we hope that you find great value in the new knowledge and education you have gained, and have many takeaways to implement in your organization now and in the future.  

While the actual conference may be over, there are still many opportunities to continue learning and meeting new professionals in the environmental health field. Don’t forget that all AEC attendees can access the conference virtually to review videos of educational sessions and continue to engage with other environmental health professionals. In the weeks following the AEC, we hope that you will continue to network, learn, and share your thoughts and opinions on the AEC, as well as your photos!

Once again, on behalf of the National Environmental Health Association and all of our wonderful sponsors and supporters, thank you to all of you who joined us at the 2013 AEC & Exhibition, and we look forward to seeing you again at the 2014 AEC in Las Vegas.